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Direct trade specialty coffee for roasting from Central&South America, Africa, Asia.
Direct trade specialty coffee for roasting from Central&South America, Africa, Asia.
Direct trade specialty coffee for roasting from Central&South America, Africa, Asia.

Green coffee importer in Europe

at the epicenter of specialty coffee.

Wholesale green coffee importer provides delivery of coffee in Europe from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Indonesia!

!Fest coffee mission
Being among the most booming wholesale specialty green coffee importers in Europe we facilitate direct connections between roasters and farmers from all over the world. Aside from delivering high-quality greens for businesses of different scales, our team organizes exclusive sourcing tours to a number of origins in Central America. This is always about experience exchange, gaining lots of new knowledge and sharing it with our partners. So, education is one of our key values coupled with honesty and transparency. Following them, !FEST Coffee Mission is fully open with roasters, providing all info on beans, prices and agro practices. We are to make great coffee a must, wherever you serve it and to bring sustainability and decent living to the farmers at the origin.
Benefits of working with

The best prices for green coffee from around the world under direct contracts with farmers

Free reservation of any lots and discounts on green coffee when working with a purchasing plan

Free delivery from 10 bags across Ukraine, Turkey & EU

Deferred payment and special conditions for entering the retail

How does green coffee trader !Fest Coffee Mission work?

As a green coffee trader, we work directly with more than 200 farms from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Indonesia. There are permanently lots with classic origin profiles as well as experimental aerobic and anaerobic types of fermentation in our offer list. Always scored more than 80 points. All of them are thoroughly selected by our experienced team during the sourcing trips.

Aiming to be among the leading green coffee distributors in Europe we pay much attention to choosing the growing partner.

During the tours to the origin of the coffee beans we carefully inspect the plantations, processing facilities and do hundreds of cuppings. To be sure you`ll get the same quality of cup we had at the origin, we control it on all the stages. The first one is at the cupping table on site. Lots are reserved only if they meet our quality demands. Then in several days prior delivering full containers of selected coffee, each farmer or beneficio sends us a 1 kilo pre shipment sample that has to be approved by the team of our Q-graders. The final inspecting stage of the specialty green coffee comes when the product is already at our warehouse and we check whether it's exactly what we wanted.

Working with !FEST Coffee Mission you can perpetually expect top-notch quality and full support in the pursuit of growth. For our partners we offer сute perks such as an annual purchase plan at special prices, free reservation of selected lots for up to 1 year or delayed payments.

Benefits of working with green coffee brokers

As a green coffee broker we:

  • are the experts on all the nuances of export, import and international logistics;
  • have a good grasp on all the papers needed;
  • know how to smoothly pass the customs control in every country;
  • offer technical import of any amount of exotic coffees for championships.

Generally speaking, our team takes all the logistic hassle out and you just get booked coffee at your roastery. Also we offer specialty microlots.

Discover world of coffee with !FEST COFFEE MISSION

What do green coffee distributors in Europe, Ukraine and Turkey offer?

It's easy to start as we provide coffee samples for all lots roasted or green, so you know what you are buying. And the minimum order is only one bag of 34,5 kg, 60kg, 69 kg or 70 kg depending on the origin. By the way, all coffees are packed in vacuum or "GrainPro"-type bags.

Serving as a worldwide green coffee distributor !FEST Coffee Mission has a separate offer list for European, Ukrainian and Turkish markets. All coffees are stored in 4 warehouses: in Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and Belgium. Antwerp is our main one, being a state-of-the-art facility with the greens kept in the most suitable conditions under the care of professional staff. Due to having these storages in convenient locations, we deliver coffee quickly and at a reasonable price. By the way, by purchasing a full pallet you get free delivery to your doors. To make an order of the green coffee directly from the origin, request samples or get any additional information on the lot you can contact your regional manager via email. All of them are available on our website. We sent both unroasted (100g) and roasted (50 g) testing examples. Or you can also come to our office, meet the team and cup all the desired lots here.

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World of Coffee Dubai 2023

!FEST Coffee Mission team is coming again to the Middle East. We are beyond thrilled to share our plans for the beginning of the year 2023!

11-13.January 2023
Za’abeel Hall 5 & 6 – Dubai World Trade Centre
Our stand # Z6-F90.

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Come along with professional traders on green coffee tours for roasters and baristas!

In two weeks, you will discover the best coffee farms in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Every day you will take part in large cuppings of all processes, practical classes on grading, and chat with farmers and agronomists.

You will experience the real life of Central America in small coffee towns, enjoy wild beaches and stunning mountain scenery, and most importantly - be able to choose the best lots for your company at direct trade cuppings, contracted right at the table.

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