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Code Farm Process Descriptions Score Price Variety Crop Status Bag Qty Bag Weight (kg)
11-420-18 San Victor Anaerobic Fementation Flowers notes, wine, dark currant, caramel 86,25 12,84 USD Catuai, Bourbon 20/21 Available 13 69
2724 Don Joaquin Washed Dried apricots, dates, caramel sweets. 85,25 11,85 USD Parainema 20/21 Available 4 34.5
L27 Las Luces Washed Grapefruit, hazelnuts, milk chocolate 84,25 9,95 USD Pacamara 20/21 Available 28 69
225 Las Delicias Anaerobic Fementation Apricot, milk chcocolate, black tea, raspberry, dark Rom 86,75 12,97 USD Bourbon 20/21 Available 4 34,5
08-21-19 Shonora Naturra Gr 4 Notes of citrus, hazelnut and milk chocolate 83 7,85 USD Heirloom 20/21 Available 58 60
BCC 015 Nensebo Washed Gr 2 Sweet floral notes, pomegranate and almond 85,75 9,95 USD Heirloom 20/21 Available 14 60
08-21-32 Bombe Qonqana Washed Gr 1 Yellow apple, yellow plum, white grape 87,5 12,28 USD Heirloom 20/21 Available 8 60
08-21-33 Gata Farm Washed Gr 1 Apricot, lemon, floral notes, caramel 87,25 11,59 USD Heirloom 20/21 Available 2 60
09-21-01 Asocafe Washed Sweet apple, dried apricots, dried fruits, milk chocolate 84 9,44 USD Catuai, Caturra, Castillo 21 Available 18 60
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Additional goods
  • from farm to bar
  • clear origin
  • special beans type
  • flavors, acids, and enzymes palette
  • correct storage

Our range includes only Criollo and Trinitario - high-quality beans from Honduras. In January, we expect deliveries from El Salvador and Colombia.

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In the most remote region of Guatemala, this salt has been used for cooking for centuries. Black volcanic salt is rich in minerals and has a bright volcanic taste and egg flavor.

The price is $10 per kilogram.

Natural sugar is the evaporated sugar cane juice, not the centrifuges and esters used to make crystallized and refined modern sugar.

Panela is a unique and helpful alternative to sugar, which tastes like dried honey if it existed. The product can be ground or in briquettes or packed in special bags.

The price starts at $3 per kilogram (before tax).

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