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The First Direct Trade Coffee Hub in the World.

The idea of creating world’s first offline (as opposed to online) coffee trading platform designed for direct communication between producers and roasters was implemented at small Nicaragua’s resort San Juan del Sur known all over the world for its stunning natural beauty and stable surfing waves.

It took 3 years to accomplish the idea!

So how can we change the world in this small town at the coast of Pacific Ocean?

In the hub, you can find original green coffee samples from over 500 best farms from Central America, Cup of Excellence Winners, verified specialty coffee producers and those who continuously experiment with different processing and fermentation methods.
All you have to do is to fly to Nicaragua or Costa Rica, and we will take care of organizing all other activities including airport transfer, cupping sessions and visiting coffee farms.

During a week, you will manage to do a large amount of work on selecting coffee for your roastery. Just imagine, over 500 farms from 5 countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. It took us 5 years to select these farms, but it will take you only 7 days to enjoy the cupping tour throughout Central America, which will significantly save both your time and money, as you can cup 40-50 samples a day.
You can stay in our hotel, which is located above the Coffee Hub and is always at your service as long as you like. Each hotel room offers an amazing ocean view and is 100% free of charge for existing and prospective customers.

The rest is simple:

  • You cup coffees and pick your favorite varieties; one bag is the minimum amount. You can roast greens either yourself or ask our experts to roast them in our coffee lab. All cupping sessions are performed strictly pursuant to the SCA Cupping Protocol.
  • You will be able to purchase greens at a price declared by the farmer, which is something new that happens for the first time ever! You will save a lot of time and money that you would spend on sourcing greens; besides, you will get an effective marketing tool that will help you to promote your brand. We are not resellers – therefore, your money goes directly to the farmer. We just take care of shipping, certification, and financing.
  • We will finance your annual purchase volume, if necessary, and ship the required amount of greens from our warehouses in Poland or Ukraine every month.
  • We consolidate small shipments (for you and other roasters) into containers to be shipped from various Central American countries; thus, we achieve tremendous cost reduction due to handling small shipments and mini-shipments.
  • We carry out coffee certification procedures for all countries and do custom clearance for the European Union. We can deliver your coffee right to your roastery.
  • As an option, you can choose a special-purpose tour around farms in Central America where you can fully immerse yourself into coffee harvesting processes and various processing practices. Besides, for the second year in a row, we successfully organize our specialty Fermentation Campuses in Honduras and El Salvador where you can implement your boldest ideas related to coffee fermentation.
  • And the icing on the cake will be enjoying an incredible vacation on world’s most stunning beaches, trying the most delicious seafood, upbeat lively dancing in the night, and last but not least, traveling to chosen farms and beneficios.

We are changing the coffee world together by encouraging and motivating farmers, reducing their dependence on stock prices. Thus, together we can make a difference in coffee business in Central America! We are not only improving the quality of manufactured beans but also enhance lives of thousands of people involved in the coffee industry who were thrown in at the deep end at the peak of the coffee price crisis without any financial support or development opportunities just living a life of existence!

Come to Nicaragua, the world’s first direct trade Coffee Hub, and select the best lots from Central America for your roastery at direct fair prices!

We have been involved in direct trade with Central American countries for years spending at least 10 months a year there. This helped us make the following conclusions:

  • Coffee production is neither magic, nor charity, it is the same kind of agribusiness as apple or watermelon farming. However, coffee, unlike for example watermelons, is sold at prices fixed on the stock exchange.
  • Fixed prices for any product inevitably make a manufacturer (in our case, a coffee farmer) want to reduce costs to the lowest possible level; moreover, these destroy any motivation whatsoever to improve the quality of the product. This utopian idea still prevails in the world of coffee.
  • Coffee farmers suffer from geographic and economic isolation one way or another. Coffee cooperatives are the only channel that connects them with the world; and each cooperative turns this extremely hard work done by millions of people into money to the extent possible.
  • Salary of these millions of people depends directly upon speculative operations on the stock exchange, although it is absolutely illogical.
  • Developing an Internet platform that would connect the farmers and the roasters is hardly possible. This is due to the fact that the coffee industry involves providing coffee samples; however, sending those samples waiting for a potential buyer is unprofitable for farmers.

The unprecedented 2018-2019 coffee crisis posed a dilemma for most farmers as follows: either they abandon their farms in this harvest season waiting for the prices to rise by the end of the year, or they just keep their jobs working at a loss. Look: on January 10, 2019, the price for one pound (450 grams) of coffee on the New York Stock Exchangewas $ 1.03. The cost of production of one pound of green coffee in different countries of Central and South America is as follows:

  • Honduras – $ 1.15 per pound
  • Nicaragua – $ 1.05 per pound
  • El Salvador – $ 1.28 per pound
  • Guatemala – $ 1.40 per pound
  • Colombia – $ 1.19 per pound
  • Costa Rica – $ 1.55 per pound

Thus, the current price is unprofitable for all countries of Central America and Colombia, and extremely unprofitable for some of them.

Let’s stop exploiting coffee farmers who are defenseless against arbitrary behavior on the stock exchange, and finally, begin to deal honestly in business rather than play a one-sided game. So there is only one real solution – direct trade platform! This is real direct trading: you make an offer to a farmer yourself after careful evaluation in a coffee lab.

Perhaps, now your eyes have narrowed suspiciously and you have asked a question: What is our specific interest in this project?

  •  Our service fee is 8% charged for the platform maintenance purposes;
  •  25-40 cents per pound of greens is the amount charged for consolidating cargo into one container and certification of coffee;
  •  1.2% per month is charged to finance your purchases.

We are waiting for you all year round to join us on the most exciting coffee tour of your life!

Let’s change the world together!

If you want to know more details about crop, samples or your own fermentation project, don’t hesitate to contact us or +380677766866 (WhatsApp)

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