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Coffee sourcing tours at Central America.

!FEST COFFEE MISSION invites you to join us at the incredible trip to the coffee farms of Central America.

During 2 weeks you will discover the best coffee farms at Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

You will cup more then 300 samples of specialty coffee in all this countries!
You will discover the real life of Central America at the small coffee towns, sleep on the farms and swim at the beautiful wild beaches.

The Sourcing Coffee tour by !FCM is your key to:

  • Unique coffee adventure
  • Direct trade coffee
  • Rare fermentations
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of coffee processing

Tour schedule:

1st tour (fully booked)
28.01 – 10.02
From Guatemala to Costa Rica

2nd tour (2 seats available)
14.02 – 28.02
From Costa Rica to Guatemala

3rd tour
1.03 – 14.03
From Guatemala to Costa Rica

4th tour (fully booked)
21.03 – 04.04
From Costa Rica to Guatemala

5th tour
8.04 – 21.04
From Guatemala to Costa Rica

6th tour
25.04 – 09.05
From Costa Rica to Guatemala

Its the must-visit tour for roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and all coffee enthusiasts. No additional cost for our clients – you pay only for the flight/hotels/food.

Join us in this breathtaking experience!

If you want to take this adventure with us, please fulfil this form or drop us a line or +380677766866 (WhatsApp)

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