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Coffee Bags Professional.

Welcome to the !FEST COFFEE MISSION, the unique company in Ukraine that is dedicated to the direct tradeof green coffee from the farms of Central America to Ukraine, without any intermediaries.

After the years of work in this field, we have learned a lot about the proper transportation and preservation of the green coffee. During our activity, we frequently ran into the problem of preserving the taste of the different types of coffee. Therefore, according to our experience based on a large number of surveys conducted over the recent years, we can confirm the following:

Coffee beans transported in jute bags, without the use of professional packages, lose their taste characteristics, resulting in the final product is completely different from the quality and taste presented in the tastings of origin.

During transportation, the grain absorbs the odor of its environment, including the smell of jute bags and loses a large amount of water.

Grains stored in jute bags using professional canning bags until November and December do not lose their flavor profile.

All of the above factors have a negative impact on sales of both golden coffee and roasted coffee, so in search of a solution to this problem, FEST Coffee Mission, together with one of the largest manufacturers of plastic products in Ukraine during the year, created a unique product, which we called today: Professional coffee bags with the following characteristics:

Made of polyethylene with a high barrier density of nine layers, it is especially suitable for processing and storage of food.

Durable, moldable and easy to use.

Long-term preservation of taste and aromatic characteristics of the product.

Professional coffee bags guarantee safe storage of coffee beans.

It has an OTR, only 0.1 cubic centimeter (CC) per square meter (m2) per day.

Humidity Transfer Cup (WVTR), from 1 up to a maximum of 4 grams per square meter (m2) per day.

! FEST COFFEE MISSION works directly with farmers and understands the problems that coffee producers face and offers a quality solution at a competitive price below other options in today’s market.

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