Microlot is among the most fashionable and at the same time undefined terms in the coffee community. There are many nuances in its definition, however, we won't dive deep into it. In general, the microlot of green coffee is the one that can be easily traced back to the number of coffee trees or the area of the farm where the coffee cherries were grown and harvested. As a rule, this coffee is of excellent quality, with bright, quality acidity, syrupy, creamy and enveloping body, with a high level of sweetness and excellent balance!

For the roasters as well as for the coffee shop serving or selling microlots is the right way to attract true coffee nerds and present something unique for the market. Usually, they play like trump cards in every offer list. Besides, specialty microlot is a common choice for coffee professionals to perform with in the championships.

What kind of specialty microlots !Fest Coffee Mission offers

Microlot of green coffee from !Fest Coffee Mission

Now in our menu we have 4 specialty microlots. All of them come from Colombia from our faithful partners – Cofinet. This is a famous family business that for more than 80 years have grown and distributed the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. They have their own plantation and Processing Centre La Pradera, where experiment with alternative fermentations. So, meet the microlots the outstanding Cofinet farmers:

07-21-21 – 85,5 points washed Pink Bourbon from Quindian Finca La Divisa by Sebastian Gomez. Cherries are exposed to 30 hours of underwater fermentation before being de-pulped. Parchment is gently washed and dried under temperature-controlled conditions until ideal moisture content is achieved. In the cup you will find the notes of apple, cherry, almond and milk chocolate.

07-21-22 – washed Gesha with 85,75 points by Uber Quintero from farm El Danubio in Tolima. This coffee is grown at the altitude of nearly 1800 m.a.s.l. and harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated and hand-sorted to remove any defects with further 30 hours of underwater fermentation. It's flavor is characterized by the hints of green apple, white grapes and almond.

07-21-28 – natural Gesha with Lactic Fermentation from Jairo Arcila`s farm Castellon scored 88 points. It was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation of 24 hours, later placed inside Grainpro bags for 90 hours maintaining a temperature below 22 °C. This has influenced the notes of tropical fruits, kiwi and honey in the cup.

07-21-23 – naturally EF2 processed Yellow Bourbon with 87 points and bright descriptors of cane sugar, rum and tropical fruits. This coffee was grown by Nectario Zuñiga at the farm El Oasis in Tolima. It was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation of 24 hours before

being placed inside Grainpro bags for 50 hours at a temperature below 22 °C. This lot is available only in Ukraine.

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    Why should you try a green coffee microlot?

    Microlots of green coffee are always a good idea as it's about outstanding taste, quality and traceability. They enjoy special attention from the first stage of growing and harvesting. Quite often they are produced using experimental, sustainable and innovative approaches resulting in a distinct taste experience and at the same time representing the pure profile of a specific region. Due to the fact, the beans come from one farm (or even its distinct part) and one station the cup is more clean and pure. By choosing microlots you can be sure that your coffee has been sorted and processed the most precisely.

    The uniqueness of these coffees can also be determined by some special conditions at the farm happening only during a definite season. So microlots are usually about a once-upon-a-time offer.

    Commonly microlots of green coffee is purchased directly from the farmer that possesses all the necessary information about it. So you always know all the details on the altitude, climate and processing of the coffee you serve. And we as a green coffee supplier are provided with full traceability regarding the shipment. Besides, these direct relationships can easily turn into deeper partnerships and common work on improving the quality of the coffee. If you have some advice or vision about the lot, there is more chance it will be heard and implemented. And the next time you will enjoy the cup you wanted.

    Specialty microlots for you from !Fest Coffee Mission

    How to order speciality microlots from !FEST Coffee Mission?

    During the sourcing trips, we always try to find something extraordinary for our clients. Specialty green coffee importer !FEST Coffee Mission boasts a lasting and collaborative relationship with partners from different origins, so we always know when they have some outstanding microlots. Furthermore, our teammates also participate in their production. Often our team itself initiates the creation of this or that micro-lot in order to search for new flavors, or at the request of customers.

    We never hide these gems and always announce when having some specialty microlots in the green coffee offer list. You can request samples or book the lot you want with the same easy procedure, just contact your regional manager. Besides, you have a special opportunity to personally go to the origin with the !FEST Coffee Mission sourcing tour, where you will be able to cup and choose dozens of microlots. You can either buy them directly from the farmer or reserve them for some period and we as an experienced importer will take care of the delivery.

    With !Fest Coffee Mission you can source origin coffee beans from different countries such as El Salvador, Bolivia, Rwanda and many others.

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