Meet Antwerp – the biggest coffee hub in the world and our new warehouse!!


Nowhere in the world, you will find so much coffee stored at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. In 2021 around 400,000 tonnes of coffee beans were kept at warehouses at the port. This is enough to make circa 40 billion espressos! Together with Hamburg, these are the two European and world`s main coffee hubs.

Belgium is the largest re-exporter of green beans in Europe. In 2020 it retransferred 243 thousand tonnes of coffee that making up 45% of the total number on the continent. The Port of Antwerp accounts for approximately 50% of Europe’s coffee logistics business. And it has been so for centuries. So what is the reason Belgium and Antwerp are so beloved by the coffee community?


1. Scale and opportunities. Antwerp-Bruges port is the largest:

  • Europe’s export port,
  • world`s storage site for coffee,
  • throughput port for vehicles, 
  • integrated chemical cluster,
  • one of the leading container ports in Europe. 

2. Geographical position

Belgium lies almost in the center of Europe, so it is convenient to transport coffee all over the continent: to Finland, Portugal or Romania. And do this much faster.

3. Climate conditions

The stable temperature and consistent moisture in the air here are the most suitable for long-term storage of green beans, as it doesn’t like fluctuations. In winter, the temperature indoors is higher than outdoors, while in summer, the warehouse works as a cooling system.

4. Global recognition

The port of Antwerp is accredited by two major commodity markets – British LIFFE and American ICE. 

5. Logistics, supply, and professionals.

Thanks to its superior connectivity, flexibility and fast, high-quality service, the Port of Antwerp can effectively respond to market demand. All warehouses are located close to the quayside and have direct rail access. Here you deal with professionals from specialized logistic companies, working directly with importers. Among them are Molenbergnatie, Vollers, Pacorini and Steinweg. Together offer more than one million square meters of storage facilities. These logistic companies also cooperate directly with large traders and roasters. 


Why among all warehouses, we choose Molenbergnatie.

In April Dmitry Slukin – CEO of !FEST Coffee Mission – visited Belgium in search of a perfect place to store our beans. And he has found it. Please welcome our partnership with Molenbergnatie, which has been a pioneer and a market leader within the commodity of green coffee since 1867!

Annually 85,000 tonnes of coffee pass through this warehouse on its way from the growing countries. The capacity is 6,700 metric tons in the coffee bulk terminal with controlled atmosphere chambers, plus 25,000 square meters of general cargo storage. The warehouse stores beans in 60 – 70 kg sacks, or alternatively in massive plastic containers, all neatly stocked up and piled up in rows. Every step is examined by individual workers and checked also manually. All the services are performed according to ISOs, HACCP and AEO standards.

After visiting Molenbergnatie Dmitry understood it was an ideal place and partner to work with. Our cooperation has already started with a new crop from Honduras. And all the next coffees will be shipped from the origins to Antwerp.

How will all of us benefit from this

Having a warehouse in Antwerp levels up our services in:

Work rate

And the faster we get the coffee, the sooner you can test and order it. Due to the super professional team of Molenbergnatie, all the customs formalities and certification go quicker. For example, a couple of days for customs clearance in Belgium, which is times less than we had before. 


As already mentioned, Belgium has a very convenient location. Due to this, firstly, you will get your coffee faster and secondly, it will keep a better appearance having smaller distances to overcome. Besides, there will be new pallets and nice plastic packaging. 

Better storing conditions

You may be sure that before you get your coffee, it is stored in the most suitable conditions, maintained by the professional staff of Molenbergnatie. And what is especially important for us, the guys always keep an eye on the temperature in the warehouse. 

So, now we experience some hassles with moving which will take some time. All the next bags with fresh coffees will be sent already to Antwerp. That is why very soon you will be able to feel all the benefits of our new warehouse. And don`t forget that you have free delivery when ordering from one pallet of coffee from Antwerp.