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provides only direct trade green coffee from farms in Central and South America, Africa, Asia. We represent more than 200 farms from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Indonesia. We pay considerable attention to the natural way of coffee processing, as well as to the experimental aerobic and anaerobic types of fermentation.

We offer only high altitude Arabica, nano- and microlots, specialty and Q coffee, only ‘single origin’ lots with bio and organic certification, cascara and pergamino honey. Without any exception, coffee is delivered in «GrainPro», «CBP» or in a vacuum pack.

We are a socialy responsible company – we help in the fight agains extreme poverty, and we contribute to the development of coffee farms, that were in economical and geographical isolation for centuries. With your every purchase, you also make a difference. The exchange rate level has led to a catastrophic decline in the quality of coffee in the world. Farmers, for the sake of survival and in the face of a rigid price policy dictated by coffee speculators, stopped collecting and processing coffee in a proper way and lost any financial motivation to concentrate on quality.

Only direct contact with farmers, as well as adequate and honest prices, have again given us the opportunity to consume naturally sweet, chocolate and fruit drinks every morning, which can certainly be called coffee. Give this opportunity to your customers who buy your roast coffee and they will give you absolute loyalty for many years.

Refinement of taste is manifested not only in the art of drinking coffee and enjoyment, but also in the ability to perceive and discover the whole world full of adventures. The discovery of new coffee flavours is an act of freedom – a small but significant one because it transforms the consumer into a partner who is ready to explore himself and his surroundings. For us, coffee is a travel companion, in which we invest energy and passion in order to discover the roots, traditions of families, who devoted themselves to the cultivation of this plant, whose grains turn into a great drink. Many efforts have been invested in finding new places which have respect to the cultivation and processing of coffee as well as to surrounding nature. For each of our lots there is a story that should be revealed and told. Coffee search engages and makes you interested in the places and people of these countries. Coffee is going to be more delicious if there is a mutual acquaintance.