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!FEST COFFEE MISSION — at the epicenter of specialty coffee.

Direct trade supplies of the best green beans from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Indonesia!

The best prices for green beans from around the world under direct contracts with farmers

Free reservation of any lots and discounts on beans when working with a purchasing plan

Free delivery from 6 bags across the EU, Ukraine and Turkey

Deferred payment and special conditions for entering the retail

Come along with us on professional coffee tours for roasters and baristas!

In two weeks, you will discover the best coffee farms in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Every day you will take part in large cuppings of all processes, practical classes on grading, and chat with farmers and agronomists.

You will experience the real life of Central America in small coffee towns, enjoy wild beaches and stunning mountain scenery, and most importantly - be able to choose the best lots for your company at direct trade cuppings, contracted right at the table.

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World of Coffee Warsaw

Have you already bought the tickets to the main event of the year - World of Coffee 2022 that will take place in Warsaw?

Hurry up!

All the coffee industry leaders are waiting on you from 23d to 25th of June!

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