Rwanda coffee

Code Farm Process Descriptions Score Price Variety Crop Status Bag Qty Bag Weight (kg)
11-22-03 Akagera coffee project Washed Red currant, blueberry, gooseberry, cocoa 83 7.22 USD Bourbon 22/23 Available in Poland 13 bags 60 kg GP
11-22-01 Cocucamu Anaerobic Fermentation Natural Peach, papaya, yellow kiwi, dried apricots, fermented cocoa 87.5 14.98 USD Bourbon 22/23 Available in Poland 3 bags 60 kg GP
11-22-02 Cocucamu Anaerobic Fermentation Natural Lychee, mango, passion fruit, linden honey 88.75 15.25 USD Bourbon 22/23 Available in Poland 11 bags 60 kg GP

Features of cultivation Rwandan coffee beans

In Rwanda, coffee has been cultivated since the beginning of the XXth century and now it is among TOP-10 coffee-producing countries in Africa. In the last decade, Rwanda coffee beans increasingly enjoy popularity and recognition all over the world. They are famous for a silky, creamy body with a super sweet berry profile with sparkling phosphoric acidity.

There are nearly 450 000 farms growing coffee at altitudes over 1200 m.a.s.l. mostly in the regions of Gakenke, Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyamasheke, Nyagatare, Kamonyi, Kayonza, Ngoma, Kirehe, Nyamagabe and Huye. Due to such height, Rwandan beans are rather dense. Up to 95% of the local coffee is Bourbon with a small percentage of Caturra and Catuai. Besides, there is an endemic variety introduced in Rwanda – Coffea arabica var. Mayaguez. The coffee is harvested 2 times a year: with the main crop from March to June and a fly harvest in September-November.

What Rwanda green coffee do we offer?

Beans produced:

2022 / 350 000 bags of Arabica (60 kg each)

World market share in kg (Arabica and Robusta):


Coffee beans export revenue:

$ 66 million


March – June, September – November

Akagera Coffee Project

Akagera Coffee project (ACP) is a Social Private Enterprise in Kayonza District in Eastern Rwanda. It was founded in 2016 and deals with growing and producing quality coffee with high involvement in social activities. They work with 1150 local farmers that grow coffee at  small family estates (1-2 ha) at altitudes from 1450 - 2400 m.a.s.l. All the beans are Rainforest Alliance certified and grown organic with a cupping score between 85 to 94 points. Harvested cherries are processed at Akagera’s Kayonza Washing Station. In the offer of ACP, there are Rwandan green coffee of different fermentations including fully washed greens in all screen sizes, honeys and naturals. Most of the coffee they have is BM 139 – Bourbon Mayaguez – a vigorous and highly productive variety with very good cup quality. Besides, they have also started to grow RAB C15 which has shown even bigger resistance to diseases.

ACP has tremendously impacted the local communities through youth and women employments, contribution to farmer’s income and community involvement through social and economic projects such as teaching different agri-businesses and pre - school for farmer’s children. Besides, they provide more than 100,000 new coffee seedlings to growers every year. That allows to involve more farmers and increase the yield every season.

Rwanda green coffee beans production process

How to order Rwandan coffee from !FEST Coffee Mission

If you want to please your clients with a fresh Rwandan specialty, !FEST Coffee Mission will willingly become your greens dealer. You can choose the lots available in our green coffee price list or make preorders for the desired green coffee from Rwanda and we will deliver it right to the door of your roastery.

In the first case you just have to contact your regional manager who will process the order. Remember, we work with small volumes as well and accept reservations from just one 60 kilo bag. Besides you are always welcome to request samples: roasted (50 g) or green (100 g).

In the case of preordering some coffee you also have to contact your manager and solve all the issues individually.

Working with us you`ll get a top notch service, high-quality product and financial benefits like free delivery of over 1 pallet orders in EU and Turkey.

We are always open to cooperation and partnership, so feel free to contact us with your ideas - we will implement them together!