Colombian green coffee beans

Colombia is the second largest producer of Arabica in the world after Brazil.

Coffee has been the country's main export crop since the mid-1830s. Colombia is an ideal country for growing coffee due to the mountainous terrain and tropical microclimate.

Colombian green coffee beans are crucial for the country's economy, with about 875,000 hectares planted with coffee in 590 municipalities and 14 growing regions. Most products are produced on small farms (60% of Colombian farmers grow less than one hectare of coffee). The drying process in Colombia is unique: small farmers spread parchment on the flat roofs of their homes to dry in the sun. Coffee drying greenhouses and parabolic tents are also used.

Beans produced:

2020 / 13.5 million bags (60 kg each)

World market share in kg (Arabica and Robusta):


Coffee beans export revenue:

$ 2,500 million


March – June, September – December

Range of green coffee beans from Colombia

The green coffee beans from Colombia which are grown in warmer, northern and lower altitude zones, such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Peria, Casanare, Santander and northern Santander mountains, have lower acidity and a denser consistency.

Colombian coffee beans from the more southern areas of Narino, Cauca, Willa and southern Tolima grow at high altitudes, closer to the equator, giving them higher acidity and desired sweetness.
The largest central region around Medellin – Antioquia covers almost 14,000 square kilometers and is known as the Golden Colombian Triangle of coffee growing. Coffee beans from the central region are known for their full body, exquisite taste, and high acidity.

Growing of the green coffee beans in Colombia
Code Farm Process Descriptions Score Price Variety Crop Status Bag Qty Bag Weight (kg)
07-21-25 Maracay Naturra Red apple, apricot, milk chocolate, honey 86.5 15.43 EUR Caturra 1450 - 1500 Available in Poland 4 boxes 24
07-21-26 La Divisa Naturra 200 hours Wine notes, cherry, cocoa 87.25 17.58 EUR Colombia 1700 - 1800 Available in Poland 3 boxes 24
07-21-19 Maracay Washed + Strawberry Strawberry, blackberry, wine notes 86.5 21.67 EUR Castillo 1450 - 1500 Available in Poland 17 boxes 24
07-21-21 La Divisa Washed Apple, cherry, almond, milk chocolate 85.5 18.29 EUR Pink Bourbon 1750 - 1800 Available in Poland 12 boxes 24
07-21-22 El Danubio Washed Green apple, white grapes, almond 85.75 33.98 EUR Gesha 1700 - 1750 Available in Poland 4 boxes 24
07-21-28 Castellon Naturra, Lactic fermentation Tropical fruits, kiwi, honey 88 36.84 EUR Gesha 1750 - 1800 Available in Poland 2 boxes 24
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