Indonesian coffee is known for its bright and unusual taste. Terroir is ideal for growing coffee (mountainous landscape, mineralized soil, rainfall and salt air).

Farmers in Indonesia produce approximately 400-700 thousand tons of green beans a year, and only 10% of them are Arabica.
Processing methods: washed and traditionally Indonesian method - wet-hulled. Well-Hull was invented due to the high humidity in the region, which made it hard to dry the coffee using conventional methods.

More than 20 varieties of Arabica are grown in Indonesia. The basic ones are: typica, hibrido de timor (tim-tim), catimor, caturra, Mundo Novo.

Beans produced:

2020 / 3.8 million bags (60 kg each)

World market share in kg (Arabica and Robusta)


Coffee beans export revenue:

$640 millions


September - March

CodeFarmProcessDescriptionsScorePriceVarietyCropStatusBag QtyBag Weight (kg)
SumatraBintangSemi Washed8.52 EURTypica, Catimor21Afloat60 bags60
MandelinPakantanSemi Washed9.03 EURCatimor, Sigararutang21Afloat15 bags60
GayoLampahanSemi Washed9.03 EURTypica, Catimor21Afloat15 bags60