Last news from the world of Specialty coffee

Nicaragua – Origin where we began!

Nicaragua features prominently in the history of !FEST Coffee Mission, as it was the first origin where our team went for sourcing. It all started in 2013 when Dmytro Slukin for the first time traveled to coffee origin. And that was Nicaragua. The fate has brought him together with local farmer – Byron Corrales, who became our main guide to the world of Nicaraguan coffee. The first cuppings and farms rushed by. Byron turned out to be very friendly and sociable. He introduced us to many farmers, who later became our partners for a long time.


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Meet Antwerp – the biggest coffee hub in the world and our new warehouse!!

Nowhere in the world, you will find so much coffee stored at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. In 2021 around 400,000 tonnes of coffee beans were kept at warehouses at the port. This is enough to make circa 40 billion espressos! Together with Hamburg, these are the two European and world`s main coffee hubs. Belgium […]


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!FEST Coffee Mission supporting the initiative to create a children’s shelter in Chernivtsi

NGO “Rare diseases of Ukraine” in peaceful times is taking care of patients with rare (orphan diseases), but since the war started by Russia in our land, organisation provides humanitarian help not only to their patience, but to other hospitals, army, civilians to all who is in need. One of recent initiatives of NGO- establishing orphanage in Chernivtsi for 145 children from Kharkiv and Sumy.


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