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Sourcing tours

Every coffee professional should at least once visit a coffee-producing country. Any certified training or master class can not replace this experience. On the origin, a faceless bag of green beans suddenly decomposes into harvesting, processing, and the struggle for survival, soul, and personality.

Every year, !FEST Coffee Mission organizes sourcing tours for its customers in Central and South America. These tours allow coffee professionals to fully immerse themselves in the intricacies of beans harvesting and drying and choose the best lots for their companies at direct trade campsites contracted directly at the table.

During the two-week stay at the origin, we will visit more than 10 farms, benefices, and cooperatives to appreciate more than 500 lots from local farmers. We will also experiment with processing, spend the night at alpine farms, swim in rivers and oceans, teach farmers the basics of coffee roasting and brewing. In addition, we will try a strange (and not very strange) local cuisine, pass a mountain serpentine with a fading heart and plunge headlong into the real world of coffee, which is strikingly different from fake advertising pictures.

We do not make money on sourcing tours — you only pay for the flight, accommodation, and meals. The estimated cost is about $ 1,200 + a flight from your country to El Salvador.

Group 1

Monday, 17.01 — Saturday, 29.01

Group 2

Tuesday, 1.02 — Sunday, 13.02

Group 3

Wednesday, 16.02 — Monday, 28.02

Group 4

Saturday, 5.03 — Friday, 18.03

Group 5

28.03 — 8.04 (more attention to Guatemala)

El Salvador is the starting and ending point of the trip. During the sourcing tour, we will visit three countries: El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Contact your regional manager for a detailed consultation.

Official !FEST Coffee Mission Warning: Beware, sourcing tours are addictive! Most of our clients who have visited the origin repeat these trips every year!

Do not have possibility to join us? You can choose and order green coffee samples directly on our website.

Want to take part in our tour? Contact the manager of your region, they will be happy to tell you all the details!