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Master classes

Coffee classes

A series of coffee training programs for people with different levels of training: a basic program for beginners, amateurs and baristas who want to receive or structure systemic knowledge.

For three days you will receive loads of information, take part in cupping sessions, make, taste and learn about filter coffee and brewing, as well as espresso and milk-based espresso drinks.

4-student group.

The cost of the course is 5,000 UAH.

Educational branded posters, lunch and coffee – for free!

Most importantly: after the course you will receive almost round-the-clock support of our team in all coffee matters for life!

So basic: Espresso and milk

Basic course on espresso and milk-based coffee drinks. Here we will firgure out the nuances of espresso making, the rules of working an espresso machine, how to make the "perfect cup". We will also analyze the classic milk-based coffee drinks, how to achieve the perfect foam and how to overheat or not overheat the milk. We will also get into some basic latte art. Everyone will be able to acquire not only theoretical but also practical skills.

Tuition fee: 2000 UAH.

The price includes educational posters, food and coffee.

Maximum Espresso

Espresso at its maximum for baristas at their minimum😉

Espresso is the basis of the basics, and making it is an art. This course is NOT suitable for those who want to learn how to temper and foam the milk.

This intensive course is USEFUL for those who want to improve their basic knowledge, develop their sensory evaluation and make something delicious out of any coffee beans.

We will analyze in detail what parameters create the perfect cup, share our lifehacks and taste a lot of good and bad.

In practice, you will prepare 6 (!) different types of coffee: different processing, roast and countries.

The cost is 3,000 UAH.

The price includes educational posters, food and coffee.

Do you want to take part in one of our events, deepen your knowledge or increase your level of professionalism? We will answer all your questions and help with the registration!